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Since 1983, Dr. Marilyn Williamson, owner of Cascades Counseling in Ashburn, VA, has offered confidential counseling and psychotherapy services in a private, comfortable suite. From individual therapycouples therapy, to youth counseling Dr. Williamson can help.
Dr. Williamson - Counseling Services in Ashburn, VA       

Living and Loving Counseling
Your best friend, soul mate, partner, or spouse is often the target of anger and frustration. Let's face it: isn't it true that the people we love the most are often the people we hurt the most?  Now you can get the help you need with private and professional counseling services for:

• Adults
• Individuals
• Adolescents
• Clinical Supervision
• Counselor Supervisor
• Chronic Pain on the site

• Couples
• Families
• Elderly counseling
• Senior Counseling
• Illness counseling

A Note from Dr. Williamson, RN CS, ANCC Certified Clinical Specialist in Psychiatry, Psychotherapist
I believe people are looking for understanding, which is why I provide a safe place where you can heal strained or fractured relationships. You learn practical life strategies, stop blaming others, and start communicating to solve problems and effectively manage your anger instead of just keeping it all inside. I go to assisted living locations and wellness centers to help seniors/elderly

Providing Counseling for Adolescents
Adolescence can be a tumultuous time for any child, but certain factors can make it even more difficult. Family troubles, school pressures, divorce, and uncertainty can all contribute to anxiety, depression, and behavioral problems in youths. At our clinic, we offer comprehensive and confidential counseling and therapy services for youths and adolescents with a variety of concerns. Whether your child is experiencing anxiety about school or displaying behavioral difficulties, our youth counselor is here to listen and help your child find ways to cope with the stresses of adolescence. 

Individual Therapy for a Variety of Concerns
While anxiety, sadness, and stress are issues that most adults face eventually in their lives, prolonged periods of these emotions can lead to significant issues in your life and health. When left untreated, anxiety and stress can lead to a number of physical ailments including high blood pressure, ulcers, tension headaches, and even heart attacks. Reduce your anxiety, stress, and depression and improve your health by scheduling individual therapy at our clinic.

Chronic Pain and Illness Counseling
Dealing with a chronic illness or pain can also cause psychological pain, stress, and anxiety. Prolonged illness and pain can make any daily task seem daunting and nearly impossible to accomplish. By working with a skilled counselor with experience handling the psychological effects of chronic illness and pain, you can find ways to cope better with your illness and discover ways to take your life in a more positive direction. Reducing your psychological stress and anxiety may help you handle your chronic illness more effectively.

Repair Your Relationship with Couples Counseling
Maintaining a serious relationship requires effort and compromise from each party. Occasionally, you may end up disagreeing with or clashing with your partner. When these issues cannot be resolved, they can lead to resentment, further arguments, and serious stress on your relationship. Our clinic provides couples counseling to help you work through your relationship difficulties in a neutral and controlled setting with guidance and assistance from an experienced counselor. Whether one or both partners attend, we’re able to help you get started on improving the health of your relationship.

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