Adolescent Counseling Services in Ashburn, Virginia

When times get tough, count on Dr. Williamson to calm the waters. Dr. Williamson, owner of Cascades Counseling in Ashburn, Virginia, specializes in adolescent counseling, finding real solutions for your adolescent and your family.

Adolescent Counseling
Sometimes, even young people have big problems. These days, life is complicated for everyone—even children. School, pressures from society, divorce, and family troubles can all create stress, anxiety, and depression in your adolescent.

Youth Counseling

When that happens, you need someone to help them, as well as you, work through difficulties. Dr. Williamson understands adolescents. She compassionately gains their trust and cooperation in uncovering the issues that trouble them.

Solution Therapy
Solution-oriented and insight therapy is used to overcome difficulties. Something else happens too when these problems are resolved. Gaps between parent and child are bridged, and the whole family becomes closer and happier. With more than 25 years of offering youth counseling services, trust us to help your adolescent and your family.

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