Individual Counseling in Sterling, VA

Cascades Counseling offers individual counseling in Sterling, VA. We work with patients who are dealing with a variety of symptoms, and our sessions address how to cope with stress, depression, anxiety, as well as chronic pain and illness. If you have been affected by negative circumstances, illness, or prolonged stress, there is hope. Start living your best life today by reaching out to Dr. Marilyn Williamson today.

Individual Therapy Sessions

You can conquer anxiety, stress, and depression. Left untreated, emotional distress can lead to sleeping and eating disorders, migraine headaches, high blood pressure, panic attacks, ulcers, heart attacks, chemical dependencies, and even suicide. However, in every problem, there is also an opportunity for growth.

Learn how to channel your emotions, develop positive lifestyle habits, and express your pain, frustrations, and resentments in healthy, productive ways. Life never goes according to plan. By mastering adaptability strategies you can continue to enjoy peace of mind.

The help you receive from Dr. Williamson won’t only ease the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. Dr. Williamson will show you how to recognize your fears and anxieties so you can deal with and overcome them. Through compassionate local counseling services, you learn to relax, find meaning in your life, feel better about yourself, and rediscover hope.

In a relaxing, one-on-one environment, you will have the opportunity to unburden yourself of feelings of inadequacy, past traumas, mood imbalances, and anything else that negatively impacts your health. Dr. Williamson always emphasizes total confidentiality, as successful treatment requires the kind of honesty that only mutual trust, tolerance, and open-mindedness allow. Feel free to speak your mind. True healing begins with acknowledgement and acceptance.


Coping with Chronic Pain & Illness

When you've suffered with chronic pain or a prolonged illness, you know there is more than physical discomfort to cope with. Sometimes the worst pain is psychological, including feeling alone and like a burden to others. What’s more, there is always the risk of growing mentally and physically dependent on prescriptions to manage your symptoms, which often leads to further shame or even to tensions within the family. 

Perhaps you require help with daily tasks, but you feel you cannot ask your loved ones for help. Whether this is because you have been made to feel ashamed, you are reluctant to accept the extent of your illness, or you simply have not accessed a support network, there are solutions available to you.

Dr. Williamson is experienced as a caregiver. This background informs her approach to therapy for individuals with chronic pain and illness. Many of her clients have been able to redirect the problems associated with illness to take their lives in new, more positive directions. Let her counseling service help you learn to rise above your negative thoughts, let go of any guilt, move past your pain, and rebuild a productive, happy life.

Schedule an appointment to start improving your quality of life with our individual counseling services. We work with patients in the Sterling, Virginia, area.