Individual Counseling Services in Ashburn, Virginia

Cascades Counseling in Ashburn, Virginia, offers individual counseling services, including how to cope with stress, depression, anxiety, as well as chronic pain and illness. Start living your best life today.

Individual Counseling
Conquer anxiety, stress, and depression. Left untreated, emotional distress can lead to sleeping and eating disorders, migraine headaches, high blood pressure, panic attacks, ulcers, heart attacks, and even suicide.

The help you find at Cascades Counseling won't just ease the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. Dr. Williamson can actually show you how to recognize your fears and anxieties so you can deal with and overcome them. Through compassionate induvial counseling services, you learn to relax, find meaning in your life, feel better about yourself, and discover hope.

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Coping with Chronic Pain & Illness
If you've suffered with chronic pain or a prolonged illness, you know there is more than physical discomfort to cope with. Sometimes the worst pain is psychological, including feeling alone and like a burden to others.

Dr. Williamson is experienced as a caregiver, which influences her approach to this form of therapy. Many of her clients have been able to use illness to take their lives in a new, more positive direction. Let her help you learn to rise above your negative thoughts, let go of any guilt, move past your pain, and rebuild a productive, happy life.

Schedule an appointment and start improving your quality of life through individual counseling services.